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NOV 18-19 2020 // NCS-STRATEGY.NO





What are the oil companies exploration plans and strategies for 2021? How do the companies look at infraled exploration vs. frontier exploration?

For whom?

Authorities, oil companies, service companies and consulting companies. Financial advisors, explorationists, business developers and energy experts.


To provide a broader insight into short- and long term exploration on the NCS and how companies build their portfolios in order to maximize reserves, and position their companies to respond to the fluctuating oil price and outside pressure.


Innovation in Exploration

Focus on Sustainability

New Ways of Working


Volatile oil prices, low discovery rates and the corona virus pandemic have together increased the pressure on the exploration community. However, oil prices are on the rise and Norwegian tax changes will be a boost. The oil & gas industry have adapted, and out of the “ashes” new trends and opportunities emerge.

Innovation in Exploration

The need for energy will continue to grow, as oil and gas remains a dominant part of the energy mix in the next decades. In order to support the transition to cleaner energy, finding the remaining resources on the NCS is therefore critical. But what does it take to succeed? Contributions from the exploration community include identification of new play concepts, improved de-risking and a commercial mindset in the early stages of exploration.

Focus on Sustainability

Increased pressure from both society and investors is forcing companies to develop exploration strategies with rigid carbon emission goals and a clean environmental profile. For small companies it is a challenge to adopt and implement such strategies to compete for equity against the larger energy-companies. Innovation usually comes from smaller companies, where new ideas are allowed to prosper. But the diversity of companies on the NCS is under threat. How can we ensure the diversity of companies exploring the NCS going forward?

New Ways of Working

Technology, digitalization and more recently, the pandemic, are all reshaping how explorationists work. A renewed focus on cost-savings and a shift towards ILX are also reshaping organizations, as more companies merge their reservoir and exploration groups, and has led to increased cooperation within licenses. What have we learned, and how can it improve exploration success?


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Program - TBA

Day 1

Session 1: 9am CET


Lars Erik Aamot, Director General at the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum & Energy

Ingrid Sølvberg, Director General at NPD

LIVE: NCS Analysis by Anders Wittemann, Analyst at WEPC

Virtual Coffee Break: 10:20am CET

w/ Arild Dybvig & Per Øyvind Seljebotn at Lundin Energy Norway

w/ Halfdan Carstens, Editor in Chief at GeoPublishing

Session 2: 11am CET


Roy Davies, VP Exploration at Wintershall Dea Norge

Greg Rock, Head of Exploration & Appraisal at OMV

Nigel Marsh, Subsurface Director at INEOS

Q&A / Discussion w/ speakers lead by Bente Bauknight, Director/Manager at Infima


Virtual Coffee Break: 1pm CET

Host: TBA

Session 3: 1:30pm CET


Morten Sola, Head of G&G at Horisont Energi

Jørgen Moe, VP Exploration at Sval Energi

Maciej Zwierzchowski, BD Manager at PGNiG
Q&A with Anders Wittemann, Analyst at WEPC

Panel Discussion
w/ Maciej Zwoerzchowski, Anders Wittemann & Arild Dybvig, Commercial & Business Development Director at Lundin Energy Norway

Virtual Coffee Break: 2:45pm CET

Host: TBA

Session 4: 3:15pm CET


Henrik Jakobsen, Group SVP Exploration at MOL Norge
Q&A w/ Anders Wittemann, Analyst at WEPC

Elisabeth Femsteinevik, Exploration Manager at DNO Norge

Steinar Meland, Exploration & Development Director at Neptune Energy

Q&A / Panel discussion moderated by Kari Johnsen
w/ Morten Sola, Jørgen Moe, Elisabeth Femsteinevik & Steinar Meland

LIVE: Summary Day 1 with Anders Wittemann at WEPC

END DAY I: 4:45pm

Day 2

Session 5: 8:30am CET


North Sea plays – focusing on the Cenozoic
Bjørn Seeland, CMO and Senior Geologist at Exploro

How have the Events of 2020 Impacted Exploration on the NCS?
Dave Moseley, Senior Analyst - NW Europe at Westwood Global Energy

Resource Report NPD - Diving into the Details
Abryl Ramirez, Geologist & Hans Martin Veding, Statistician at NPD

LIVE Q&A with Torgeir Stordal, Hans Martin & Abryl at NPD

Virtual Coffee Break: 10am CET

w/ Dave Moseley at Westwood

w/ Per-Gustav Granholm & David Poole at Vår Energi

Session 6: 10:30am CET


Lars Hübert, Exploration Manager & CEO at Lime Petroleum

Joanna Ponicka, Subsurface Manager at Petrolia NOCO

Andrew McCann, SVP Subsurface at OKEA

Q&A / Discussion w/ speakers moderated by Anders Wittemann


Virtual Coffee Break: 12noon CET

w/ Joanna Ponicka at Petrolia NOCO

w/ Nick Ashton, SVP Exploration, & Mohammad Ibrahim Kahn, Senior Consultant, Corporate Management Support at Equinor

Session 7: 12:30PM CET


Mohamed Amine Soudani, North Sea Area Exploration Manager at Total

Tore Løseth, Executive Vice President at Equinor

Evy Glørstad, SVP Exploration & Production at Aker BP

Per-Gustav Granholm, New Ventures Strategy & BD Manager at Vår Energi

Per Øyvind Seljebotn, Exploration and Reservoir Development Director at Lundin Energy Norway

Q&A / Discussion w/ speakers moderated by Bente Bauknight, Director/Manager at Infima

LIVE: Summary Day II w/ Anders Wittemann at WEPC

Virtual Coffee Break: 3:10pm CET

w/ Mohamed Amine Soudani at Total

w/ Olav Antonio Blaich, VP Exploration & Reservoir Development-Access, Eilif Ertesvåg, Subsurface Manager & Alexander Hartwig, Subsurface Manager Play Analysis & Access at Aker BP

Session 8: 3:30pm CET

Moderated by Ronny Setså, Editor at GeoPublishing

Hydrothermal Activity and of Mineral Deposits in the Norwegian Sea - some Underlying Factors Controlling the Resource Potential
Rolf Birger Pedersen, Professor at University of Bergen

Seabed-mineral exploration geophysics
Ketil Hokstad, Specialist Geophysics at Equinor

Providing Minerals for the Green Transition
Walter Sognnes, CEO at Loke Marine Minerals

Exploration for the Future
Anette Broch Mathiesen Tvedt, Co-Founder at ADEPTH Minerals

Technological Challenges in Deep Sea Mining
Steinar Ellefmo, Associate Professor at NTNU

Developments in Deep Sea Minerals Management
Harald Brekke, Project Coordinator at NPD

LIVE: Discussion with the speakers moderated by Halfdan Carstens, Editor in Chief at GeoPublishing

END DAY II: 5:30pm


Arild Dybvik, Commercial and Business Development Director at Lundin Norway

Arild Dybvig

Commercial & Business Development Director, Lundin Energy Norway
Kristina Helland-Hansen, VP International Offshore Exploration at Equinor

Kristina Helland-Hansen

Vice President EXP NUKE Assets North Sea, Equinor
Lars Hübert, CEO & Exploration Manager at Lime Petroleum

Lars Hübert

Exploration Manager & CEO, Lime Petroleum
Olav Blaich, VP Exploration Geology & Basin Integration at Aker BP

Olav Antonio Blaich

VP Exploration & Reservoir Development, Aker BP

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