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19-21 OCT 2021 || deepseaminerals.net

19-21 OCT 2021 || deepseaminerals.net


Exploring norwegian waters

Technology, Potential Resources & Critical Challenges

Exploring Norwegian Waters

Technology, Potential Resources & Critical Challenges




As the need for critical minerals is now expected to be greater than the supply from the mining industry and recycling, Norway is in an excellent position to become a leader in the exploration for deep-sea minerals. The race has started, and at this conference, we will address challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

For whom?

Industry professionals, environmental groups, policymakers, the geoscience community, and other stakeholders who are eager to learn more about an emerging global industry and how Norway is preparing for the 1st licensing round for deep-sea minerals.



The need for additional mineral resources makes the deep sea an exciting new arena for exploration. We create a meeting place for all interested partners to exchange knowledge and make new acquaintances.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Host Icebreaker



Posters are accepted until September 30th 2021.

Program committee will review submitted posters. Accepted poster presenters will be invited to present their poster in Bergen and on the virtual conference platform.

Bergen poster exhibit

Posters will be exhibited in the conference room in Bergen, and the poster presenters will present their posters in the coffee breaks and during lunch.

Virutal poster exhibit

The virtual exhibit is open throughout the conference. The presenters can interact with all delegates, virtually via the conference platform in the chat room and in the poster exhibit video conference room.

Poster Requirements

A1 Poster - PDF
Illustration/Photo as jpg/png - min 72dpi

Poster must be ready for virtual exhibit

Submit your abstract to abstracts@geonova.no

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Exploring Norwegian Waters

Securing Minerals for the Green Shift

License to Operate


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Scandic Bergen City

NB! Available rooms from 19th-21st of October.

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Scandic Bergen City

Scandic Bergen City

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+47 55 33 33 00



Icebreaker - Havobservasjonslaboratoriet, University of Bergen

Tuesday 19 October, Hosted by GCE Ocean Technology



Michael W. Lodge, Secretary-General at International Seabed Authority (ISA)

Article (expronews.com): Secretary General Opens Conference

Session 1


Hosted by Pedro Madureiro, Deputy Head at EMEPC / Assistant Professor at University of Évora

Vast quantities of metal-rich mineral deposits have been found in areas of the deep sea. This has catalysed the development of technologies to extract resources necessary for The Green Shift. While the International Seabed Authority (ISA) has granted exploration licenses in various locations, in particular in the Pacific Ocean, several countries are planning to initiate exploration within their own jurisdiction. Norway being one of them.

World Wide Exploration for Deep Sea Minerals - a Status Report
Harald Brekke, Senior Geologist at NPD

The State of the Art in SMS Exploration
Georgy Cherkasov, Deputy Director at Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Ocean & Ulrich Shwarz-Shampere

The Framework for Mineral Activity on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Cecilie Myklatun, Chief Specialist at Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

Article (expronews.com): The Deep Sea: A Potential "Copper Mine"


Session 2


Hosted by Walter Sognnes, CEO at Loke Marine Minerals

Norway is one of few nations that has segments of the global spreading ridges within national waters, and over the last two decades several active vent fields and mineral deposits have been discovered along this part of the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge system.

Rolf Birger Pedersen, Professor at University of Bergen

Article (geoforskning.no): Rolf Birger Pedersen earned the Nordic Geoscientist Award in 2016

Session 3


Hosted by Alden Denny, Senior Geologist at Adepth Minerals

There are three broad types of deep sea areas where metal-rich mineral deposits are found: 1) Abyssal plains with extensive deposits of manganese nodules or polymetallic nodules, 2) Seamounts with rock surfaces on which cobalt and other metals have accumulated over tens of millions of years, and 3) Mid-ocean ridges with chimney-shaped ore deposits with significant concentrations of metals including gold, silver, copper and zinc.

Seafloor Massive Sulfides

Geological Settings, Distribution, and Resource Potential of SMS Ocurrences at Slow-spreading Ridges
Sven Petersen at GEOMAR - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel

Article (expronews.com): Immensely underexplored

State-of-the-art Knowledge of the TAG System, Atlantic Ocean
Bramley Murton, Professor at National Oceanography Centre

Article (geo365.no): Rike forekomster på dypt vann

Article (expronews.com): High Grades in the Deep Sea

Ferromanganese Crusts

Controls on the Genesis and Composition of Ferromanganese Crusts in the Global Ocean
James Hein, Senior Scientist at USGS

Article (expronews.com): Billions of Tonnes

Ferromanganese Nodules

The Exploration, Resource Evaluation, and Development of the NORI - D Area in the Clarion Clipperton Zone (CCZ) of the Pacific Ocean
Anthony O'Sullivan, Chief Development Officer at The Metals Company

Article (expronews.com): Plenty of "rock batteries" on the ocean floor

Article (expronews.com): Deep Sea Exploration is around the Corner


Session 4


Hosted by Lars Kullerud at GRID Arendal

Scientists have uncovered a previously unknown wealth of life in the dark depths of the ocean. Cold-water corals, sponge fields and a multitude of other ecosystems are home to mysterious creatures found nowhere else on Earth. At the same time, land mining is under attack due to the social cost experienced in many countries.

ISA's Regional Environmental Management Planning with a Focus on the Progress Made in the Area of Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Dr. Wanfei Qiu, Programme Manager for Marine Environment at International Seabed Authority

The Ethics of Deep Sea Mining
Siri Granum Carson, Director at NTNU Oceans

Article (expronews.com): There is more to deep sea mining than technology

Are We in Too Deep?
Fredrik Myhre, Marine Biologist and Senior Advisor at WWF-Norway

Article (expronews.com): "Deep Sea Mining May Destroy The Ecosystem"

Can the Environmental Challenges with Deep Sea Minerals be Solved by Better Mining Technologies?
Jens Laugesen, Chief Specialist Environment at DNV

A Precautionary Approach to Developing Nodule Collector Technology
Kris De Bruyne, Project Manager at Global Sea Mineral Resources NV

Deep-sea Mining and Sediment Plumes
Thomas Peacock, Professor at MIT

Article (expronews.com): Study de-mystifies sediment plumes

Can the Oceans Withstand the Environmental Footprint Caused by Deep Sea Mining?

Featuring Dr. Wanfei Qui, Siri Granum Carson, Fredrik Myhre, Jens Laugesen and Thomas Peacock



Dinner talk by Robert Williams at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Breaking news: Recent Discoveries on the Knipovich Ridge by Harald Brekke at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate


Session 5


Demand for mineral raw materials is increasing as a result of population growth, rising living standards, urbanisation and, more recently, the transition to a low-carbon economy, while the mining industry faces numerous challenges including rising costs, reducing ore grades and declining discovery rates of new deposits (Murton 2019)

Article (expronews.com): The Deep Sea: A Potential "Copper Mine"

Article (expronews.com): Electrifying the Society Requires Critical Minerals

Critical Minerals – What is the Problem?
Karen Hanghøj, Director at the British Geological Survey

GeoERA-MINDeSEA Project Database and Cartography of European Seabed Mineral Deposits
Javier González Sanz, Marine Geologist at Geological Survey of Spain

Responsible Sourcing and Responsible Stewardship of Critical Raw Materials
Frances Wall, Professor at Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter

The Role of Minerals in Decarbonising the World
Tom Einar Jensen, CEO at FREYR

Article (expronews.com): From New York to Bergen

Panel Discussion

Session 6


With a minimum of data, and only a basic understanding of “play models”, it is a formidable task to assess mineral deposits with respect to potential resources.

Quantifying the Unknown
Steinar Ellefmo, Associate Professor at NTNU

Article (geoforskning.no): Significant mineral potential in Norwegian waters

Mineral Inventory Estimation in the Context of SMS Exploration
John Parianos, General Manager at Deep Sea Mining Finance

Resource Estimation for Deep Sea Mineral Deposits: Same but Different
Ian Lipton, Principal Geologist at AMC Consultants

Assessing the Resource Potential of Cobalt-Rich Crusts at a Mining-Site Scale: Lessons from MarineE-Tech
Pierre Josso, Mineral Geoscientist at British Geological Survey


Session 7


Hosted by Jon Hellevang at GCE Ocean

Exploring for commercial deposits of deep-sea minerals is in its infancy. While experience gained from the oil and gas industry is pertinent, we will still rely on the innovative skills of the service industry in developing tools for mapping and resource evaluation.

Key Challenges, and Some Potential Solutions in SMS Exploration
Georgy Cherkasov, Deputy Director at Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Ocean & John Parianos, Manager Exploration at Deep Sea Mining

Lessons Learned from 14 years of Seafloor Massive Sulfides Exploration - Geophysical Approaches
Dr. Lucy MacGregor at Ocean Floor Geophysics

Article (expronews.com): The Need for a Multiphysics Approach

Geophysical Solutions to Efficient Marine Mineral Exploration
Dag Helland-Hansen, EVP Global Sales & Marketing at EMGS

Find the Needle without Disturbing the Haystack: High Resolution 3D Geophysical Characterization of Deep Sea Minerals
Allan McKay, VP Technology, New Energy at PGS

Synthesis of Offshore Robotics, Multi-physics Data and Digital Twin Technologies for Deep-sea Mineral Exploration
Anna Lim, Discipline Leader Deep Ocean Space Exploration at Argeo

New Geophysical Measurements in SMS Exploration - The MOHN22 Collaboration
Bent Kjølhamar, Chief Geologist at TGS

Geodynamic Models, Hydrothermal Vents and Metal System Analysis

Ebbe H. Hartz1, Dani W. Schmid2, Alban Souche2, & Tobias Baumann3

1AkerBP, Oslo, Norway

2Bergverk, Sandefjord, Norway

3SmartTectonics, Mainz, Germany


Session 8


Several companies are now positioning themselves for a possible first licensing round in Norwegian waters, and they all come from the oil and gas industry where we find the relevant knowledge and experience needed for both exploration and exploitation.

Financing Options for Exploration of Marine Minerals
Andreas Strand & Øystein Vaagen at Fearnley Securities

Unlocking the Potential in the Deep Ocean
Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt, CEO and Co-Founder at Adepth Minerals

Article (in Norwegian, geo365.no): Vil bore dypt for å påvise mineraler

Enabling the Green Shift
Ståle Monstad, Chief Geoscientist & Head of Exploration at Green Minerals

Article (in Norwegian, geo365.no): Fra seismikk til mineraler

Article (expronews.com): Honoured for Deep Sea Minerals initiative

Article (in Norwegian, geo365.no): Vi kommer ikke utenom dyphavsmineraler

Loke Marine Minerals
Walter Sognnes, CEO and Board Member at Loke Marine Minerals

Article (expronews.com): Major step forward for Loke Marine Minerals

Article (in Norwegian, geo365.no): Norsk industri i startblokken



Program Committee

Bramley Murton 400px

Bramley Murton

Professor at National Oceanography Centre
Anette-BM-Tvedt 400px

Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt

CEO & Co-Founder at Adepth Minerals

Georgy A. Cherkashov

Deputy Director at Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Ocean
lk_trellevik 400px

Lars-Kristian Trellevik

PhD Fellow / Senior Engineer at Centre for Deep Sea Research, University of Bergen
H Brekke 400px

Harald Brekke

Senior Geologist at NPD
Parianos John 400px

John Parianos

Manager Exploration at Deep Sea Mining

Pedro Madureira

Deputy Head at EMEPC / Assistant Professor at University of Évora
Walter Sognnes 400px

Walter Sognnes

CEO & Board Member at Loke Marine Minerals

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