At this conference we investigate how the success ratio can be improved for the benefit of the nation, the oil companies and other stakeholders on the NCS.

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The Exploration Strategy Conference

Scandic Forus, Stavanger, Nov 1-2

Changing times calls for new actions. It is the time to revise strategies for oil and gas exploration.

The economics of the E&P industry has gone through fundamental changes, both in terms of revenues, cost reductions and efficiency gains. Furthermore, the conventional oil and gas industry is threatened by other sources of energy, such as unconventional oil and gas production, renewable energy and by the growing concerns related to climate change.

It is now time for the good explorationists to sit down and discuss how we are going to meet the future challenges on the NCS. The backdrop being oil sold for around 50 dollars a barrel, disappointing exploration results, a declining number of players, an increasingly mature petroleum province, the Paris agreement and an exponential increase in the use of renewables.

This calls for a rethinking of exploration strategies. At this conference we provide valuable insights and input into the strategy update processes that are currently taking place, both on an industry, national and company level.


Is there any point in exploring for conventional oil and gas? What should the industry strategy be to ensure value creation through conventional exploration and resource realization?

Key executives and analysts will discuss the general outlook of the industry with an emphasis on the outlook for future value creation within exploration for oil and gas.


Is the NCS and North Sea a competitive province in the battle for limited exploration funding? How can we ensure that it will be attractive to do exploration in Norway in the future?

Key Directors of national authorities and CEOs of Norwegian exploration companies discuss the attractiveness of NCS and possible measures to ensure a continued high level of activity and profitability.


What strategy should E&P companies choose on the NCS to maximize value creation for their owners?

In this session, Exploration Managers present their companies’ exploration strategies. A variety of philosophies and ideas will be covered by companies of different sizes and profiles including Lundin, M Vest Energy, Bayerngas Norge, MOL, Lotos, Faroe Petroleum and Edison Norge.


What is the best strategy for uncovering the resource potential of Barents Sea in a profitable manner?

When exploring in licenses awarded in the 23rd round and working on nominations and applications for the 24th round, companies must update their strategy for long term value creation the Barents Sea. In this session, we will get an update on some of the latest perspectives on the prospectivity of the Barents Sea as well as explore E&P companies’ current strategies for exploration in the region.

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